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Modren Day Pro was developed by recruiters based on our first-hand knowledge of what HR, recruiters, and hiring managers are really looking for.

Why Modren Day Pro ?   We’re glad you asked! Modren Day Pro was developed by recruiters with the mission of providing a’ la carte career coaching services that actually get results. Over our combined decades of experience in the recruiting industry, we have continuously found that candidates are being misguided with incorrect advice – frequently by unqualified “experts”, as well as well-intentioned friends and family. Our work products and recommendations are based, not on theory, but on our actual experience of what human resources, recruiters, and hiring managers most value when evaluating job candidates. Our process is simple, our team is highly-qualified, and we guarantee our work.

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Thank you, Elizabeth for your insight into my strengths and creativity that I had long let slumber. You saw in me a natural ability to design which I had denied due to fear and when I thought there was nothing left of me to offer, you let me find it by your gentle and clever persuasion. I was butting my head against a wall because I thought my direction was the only way to go, but you ever so subtly showed a better path, through your understanding of my qualities and how they would help me find my purpose. You were never pushy because you knew I would have pushed back, but you were generous with encouragement and strength. I can't Thank you enough for your help, I have found my purpose in designing post-surgical clothes for Breast Cancer patients. Everyone who is serious about change should get to know you and learn from your wisdom. A better world awaits when we share our gifts, Elizabeth, you are a blessing

Deb Haney

Introduce your team! Click here to add images, text, and links, or connect data from your collection. Elizabeth is very knowledgeable in her industry and after speaking with her, I feel extremely confident about my improved resume and job search. She takes time to listen and asks the right questions to fit you and even suggest an industry that you should be in. Very appreciative, thank you!

Quiyonni Borja

Elizabeth is amazing! I love her passion for supporting and being a contribution to people who are looking for their dream job. She has amazing integrity and is a joy to work with.

Wendy Kim

After working with Elizabeth I knew her competency and high standards.
I was very excited to reach out and I am so glad I did.
She helped to polish and streamline my resume. It is more effective now and I am very grateful.
She is very knowledgeable, generous with her time and resources & also a great support system offering personal and inspirational encouragement.
Thank You Elizabeth!

Modern Day Pro was amazing start to finish. Very helpful and understanding of what I wanted to accomplish. The difference in the way my resume was received was apparent right off the bat. I had sent a copy of my old one to some network contacts when I started the process and then sent what Modern Day Pro had prepared for me and they were totally blown away. The whole experience was very professional.

Elizabeth was very helpful and thorough with my resume. She was patient and pointed out some errors that I overlooked. Will definitively recommend her to friends.

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